H&H Red Canon Canines

Selective responsible breeding practices such as health testing our parents with Embark & OFA and using Puppy Culture protocols. Puppy culture is a program uses protocols to aid in socialization, habituation, and enrichment activities, We believe the proof is in the puppies that are reared in this manner ensure that only the healthiest puppies come from H & H Red Canon Canines in Canon City Colorado.


We nurture our pups into becoming “Super Army Puppies”. They learn to be resilient in new situations and excel to the top of their puppy class through Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) Exercises. By introducing new experiences as much as possible, we coach them to through smell, sound, and touch desensitization exercises to become “bomb proof”.

By utilizing the information we obtain from the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (VPAT) we are able to place each pup in the type of home that will best suit their unique qualities. This test also helps us work on areas that may need to be strengthened prior to going home. Please see our YouTube and Facebook videos about this topic! By adding in several of Puppy Culture Puppy enrichment activities we help our pups learn to communicate with you before they leave us at 10 weeks for their new families. 

We believe that our Cockapoo parents must be carefully selected. The parental breeds should be researched and genetically health tested. This helps to ensure the problematic disorders common to their breed are not passed on to the following generations, and that we improve the lives of our canines as we breed them. To help us reach our goals in providing a quality life for our parents and their future generations, we use Embark and Pawprint Genetic health testing companies for testing, and OFA and Pennhip give us information on hips, elbows, and patellas.


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Our puppy application helps us get to know you and make the right decision on placing our pups in the best homes. Our pups leave our care no sooner than 10 weeks of age. Early neurological stimulation (exercises/biosensor day 1-16)  and other Puppy Culture enrichment activities help our pups adapt to new situations and handle stressful situations with resilience. As adults, this pushes them to the front of their obedience classes. We use the Volhard’s Temperament Test at 45 days to help determine each pups temperament. This helps us place each pup in a home where they will excel. Our pups are sold only as companions with limited registration. We give a 1 year health guarantee. We also ask our families to wait until their companion is 1-2 years old to spay or neuter. We suggest using the PABS belt with females to avoid unwanted litters and extra mess during that “special” time. This ensures proper Physical and Emotional growth and development of your family member.