Anticipated Arrivals

Anticipated Arrivals of 2022-2023

H & H Red Canon Canines reserves the right of 1st pick on all litters. Current puppies and litters are featured on our Facebook Page.

Please note that unless a holding fee has been paid, your place has not been secured on our open waiting lists. We do not dock tails or remove the dewclaws of our pups.  We thank you for your understanding on this sensitive subject.

Types of Cockapoos

F1 Standard Cockapoos

F1 is a reference to the generation of the pup. F1 pups have 1 cocker parent and 1  poodle parent.

Our F1 Standard Cockapoos are usually:
20lbs and above
15 inches at the shoulder and above

Our F1 Mini Cockapoos:
below 20lbs

F2 Cockapoos

F2 is a reference to the generation of the pup. F2 pups have 2 cockapoo parents.

F2B Mini Cockapoos

F2b is a reference to the generation of the pup. F2b are bred to either a poodle or a cocker. Gambit and Jenga pups are F2b.

Holding fees

We are really excited about what the future holds and want to share but cant guarrantee the exact timing of the arrivals for a few months yet. The following need their final screenings but there is potential to be on their waiting line for 2021/2022. We will know this for certain this fall. Keep posted on your Facebook page. IF any of our hopefuls do not meet our requirements for a breeder they will become available to a pet home. 

We take holding fees up un to 1-1/2 years -a maximum  of 4 holding fees per waiting line.