Reilly is our newest hopeful stud. He a chocolate Merle Standard cockapoo from Moonshine Babies Cockapoos and Doodles. He is affectionate, intuitive, smart,mellow, and funny! Reilly is just 5 mo old 18in. He is still a puppy and has a lot to learn yet! He is not a great fan of getting his face trimmed but does love to be brushed and combed out. He is making great progress for a puppy his age in all areas of manner and obedience training. We have high hopes for O’Reilly and are currently taking applications for a guardian home in 2022. 


Yahtzi – Is a 7mo old hopeful! She is a Reverse F2b smooth coated mini cockapoo.from Jenga and Gambit. 
you may be asking yourself-What the heck is a Reverse F2b?!? 
She is a daughter of our ECS Jenga and our F2 cockapoo stud Gambit. 
Yahtzi is also one of our Game Night Gang. Little sister to Latte and Fellow Game night Gang hopeful Apple. We wouldn’t forget and half sister to hopeful Marta. We just LOVE Jengas daughters ! Their temperaments are as amazing as their stunning beauty, intelligence, and biddability! Yahtzi  has a silly sense of humor and is sweet and all about fun and games! 
So far We have completed Yahtzi’s genetic screenings with Embark. She still has some growing to and will remain hopeful for some time yet. IT will be a while yet until she has her OFA screenings completed. In the meantime, we are enjoying her puppiness and simply watching her grow.  


Apple is a Jenga x Gambit daughter. She is a mini reverse f2b ( Cockapoo to an English cocker) from their 2021 Game Night Gang.  Apple is 15lbs and 15in at the withers ( shoulder). She is full sister to our hopeful Yahtzi.  She is the Apple of Mz. Rosie’s eye. Like all our hopefuls and our other mammas is a puppy culture rock star. Mz. Rosie is working on her CGC commands and she is quite promising.  She has her Embark panel completed. With the remaining test to be completed in 2022. If you would like to watch her progress with her please follow along with us on our FB page.