Our Honorable Retirees

Our Parents Retire when they are 5 years old.

At H&H Red Canon Canines, we like to have our retirees spend the majority of their lives in loving family homes!

We only breed Cockapoos at the moment, and no longer have any other breeds, despite having retirees of other breeds.



Gambit is the honorably retired sire of many of our pups with Bella, Dixie, & Jenga. He now lives with a loving forever family in Colorado Springs.


Teagen has retired and remains with his guardian family in Canon City.


As we downsize, we have retired Latte after one litter. She now resides with her littermate from the Maverick litter in Colorado.

Little Dude

Grandson named him and the name stuck! Lil dude has been recently neutered and is looking for his forever home. A sweet, affectionate, and playful 2-year-old small miniature AKC registered poodle. Lil Dude has not sired a litter. Please contact us if you think he would be a good addition to your family
Lil Dude


Carson is a  Minature AKC registered Poodle. He is the Sire of our beautiful Bella and sweet Dixie . Carson has sired many wonderful litters with Gema, Lulu, and Jewell. As we do not over breed our dogs we have neutered our sweet Gema’s Beau. Our sweet Carson resides with us until a  honorable retirement home becomes available for him . 

Carson is the Sire of our litters from Dams Gema and Jewell as well as Retired Dam Lulu


Gwen was the first of our F1 pups to go into a guardian home. She and our Teagen made spectacular pups.this winter! IT was to be their only litter.A heartbreaking decision to retire her so young. However it became clear to us that seperation period between Guardian family and their guardian is just to difficult for all involved. An honorable retirement and discontinuing our labradoodles was unfortunate but necessary to serve Gwens best interests.

Gwen Retired breeders
Payden Retired Breeders


Our Retired Stud Paeden gave us lovely English Cocker Pups With our now honorable retirees Circe’ , Dazzle, and Fe. now lives the life of a love of a love sponge in Green and Gold Country!


Karma the Dam of our First ECS Litter! My Gosh what a sweet girl! Gemas Dam as well as many others with Paeden. Honrably retired I here she remains a resident off Colorful Colorado!

Fe Retired Breeder


Fe’ our sweet funny whirl-a jig! Her pups with Paeden. MY Gosh what special spirits they have! Dam to Silas and GRandDam to Silas and Jewells 2018 litter.


Our Beautiful Black ECS Circe’ Many happy families have one of her and Paedens Pups! Honorably retired after 2 litters. She is a sweet girl for sure

Circe Retired Breeder
Dazzle Retired Breeder


Sirens Song. Our Dazzle. GrandDam to Jewell and Jenga. Dam to our Smudge and 3 litters of gorgeous pups. We didnt know what we had back then with this sweet girl! I hope she is enjoying her retirement!


Karma and Paedens Daughter Gema and her mate Carson have joined our honorable retirees! Gema is living the good life of a Love Sponge and Office Mascot in Reunion. Whereas Carson remains hee with us.

Gema Retired Breeder
Lulu Retired Breeder


Our Lulu. It never mattered how gun-shy she was! Daughters Jewell and Jenga didn’t inherit that attribute. Just her soft tenderness and stunning beauty! She resides with us as she always will be Rich’s t seat warmer!


Our Standard Rusty has Honorably Retired to Washington after several Doodle litters with us. A sweet boy indeed.

Rusty Retired Breeder
Cosmos Retired Breeder


Our Cosmo has been Retired and we are currently reviewing applictions for honorable retirement homes. This boy is exceptionally sweet and has never met a stranger. Stud to 2 Doodle litters


Our Golden Dora. Honrably Retired after 3 litters with Rusty. Sweet pups from these 2!

Dora Retired Breeder
Smudge Retired Breeder


Porch sitter Smudge from our Dazzle has been honrably retired. Sire to Jewell and Jenga.

Ruby Tuesday

Also Recently Honorably retired Ruby Tuesday. Loving life with her housemates!

Ruby Tuesday
Ranger Fox Retired Breeder

Ranger Fox

HONORABLE MENTION! Ranger Fox Red Labrador Retreiver. He has never sired his first litter with us. He is Rosies faithful friend companion and watchman! Rarely does he leave her side.


Our Nater They first of our “Poos”. Nater is a Toy ShihPoo. Long since honorably retired. Playmater and guardian to many of our later ECS litters!

Nater Retired Breeder
Nelle Belle Retired Breeder


Our Nelle-Belle hails from Dutch Acre Labs from Wisconsin. This girl travels WELL! She also is loving retirement in her retirement home! She had 2 labradoodle litters with us.